Nu.Fantasy Wild Wolf Kumi Giftset

This has been an overwhelmingly abundant month for dolls arriving at my door. One of the most eagerly awaited ones, the Japanese Exclusive "Wild Wolf" Kumi Doll, arrived yesterday. Although this delightful little thing has a Misaki body, she is not part of the Misaki line. This is a new line called Nu.Fantasy.

The giftset consists of the doll, a dress, a skirt, a cape with a removable harness-type thing, two handbags, tall boots, heels, gloves, fishnet tights, and doll stand. I don't know if the fur on the cape is real. If it's not, it's a very good fake. Everything in the set works together except for the handbag with the two buckles. It doesn't have any fantasy about it at all. I would have preferred some far out jewelry to another ordinary black bag. The other bag is adorable. It's a little cube with metallic embellishments including a lock. I love it. I haven't tried the pumps on her so I don't know how that's going to work as she has the Misaki flat foot. She will be able to wear all of Azone's 1/6 scale shoes and boots.

The packaging was kind of nice so I photographed it. The inner box was encased in a semi transparent sleeve which was printed with a forest graphic. I used it as a backdrop for some of Kumi's initial shots.

Kumi is currently drying after undergoing a bit of a trim and boil straightening of her hair. I found that her bangs were too long and a bit uneven and her eyelashes (rooted) were hiding her eyes from view. So....I thinned the very edges of the bangs and shortened the eyelashes and tomorrow she will get back into her wonderful outfit for more pictures.

Yuri arrived today as well. She, too, has been altered although much more drastically. Her hair is now short all around, not just on the sides.

My recommendation: start saving now. The price is going up. The W Club sold a few to lucky lottery winners for $275 plus shipping. I got this one for $300. plus shipping from Canada. They're selling now on eBay for more than $350. They are irresistible and the clothes are delightful. On the CDCMHS (Compulsive Doll Collector Must-Have Scale) they score a (High) 5 out of 5.


  1. Fabulous photos! I can see the detail of the individual pieces. And great to know that forest graphic is included. I've got plans for that :-)

    Mine is on layaway. It will make a wonderful and magical Christmas present to myself. :-)))


  2. Another thorough review. Well done as always. I was one of the lucky people to win this set through the club lottery and I can't wait to get her. I already have Yuri. Maybe I'll move Lilith and Eden along when they get their new bodies. LauraLA