Hard Rock Cafe Barbie Doll 2008

According to BC.Com:
Hard Rock Cafe Barbie doll embodies a gothic punk vibe. The doll's black and red goth glam ensemble features a lace up corset top, short flared skirt, vibrant red fishnet stockings, edgy boots, and fingerless gloves. Modeling raw energy and independent spirit, Hard Rock Cafe Barbie doll comes with a jamming HRC "guitar" and collector pin. Rock on!

The writer forgot to add that her hair does not look like it does in the promo shot, (which is not really surprising.) It's flat and has overheated frizzy ends. There is a short spritzy clump of hair sticking straight up from the top of her head while the rest of the up-do just hangs down. Her 'side-burns' are gelled to her face so she looks as if she's got a helmet on and her bangs have been cut too short.
The outfit is quite adorable; however, it is sewn on to the dismay of those that would debox and play. Her jewelry is very cute. The guitar is an attractive marbled plastic. My own preference would have been to have closed-toe boots but they are stylish like the rest of the outfit.
The color of her skin is quite light and in contrast to the heavy make-up is striking.
The retail price of HRC 2008 which is a Gold Label item is $76.
My recommendation is to make sure you don't pay the full retail price for her. If you are a completist, then of course you must get her. Otherwise...get a doll you can play with.


  1. Why does Mattel make dolls with sewn on costumes?

  2. Your photos do not do her justice. She is a very nice doll in person.

  3. Anonymous...I would like to see your photos.

  4. Thank you Terri! I just got this doll and I thought I got a defective doll when I seen her hair sprite on top!

    I still like her and am glad I got her at the BC sale...like you said great jewelry and outfit.

    Thanks for such an informative fun blog full of great eye candy!

    Connie in PA

  5. Connie: Thanks for your comments. Have a great time!

  6. she's wonderful! Amazingly cool!

  7. creepy yet sexy gothic barbie doll fun to play with and collect