Just Brilliant Fashion from Jason Wu is Brilliant

The "Just Brilliant Fashion" is a Limited Edition of 450 and was designed by Jason Wu for his Lana Turner/Hollywood Royalty line. The retail price was $75. My model is "A Fashionable Life Vanessa" (Platinum) who has been given a tall body.
The gown's construction is flawless; the look, timeless; the fit, perfect. I couldn't ask for more. The cute black patent shoes have one off-center rhinestone.
We love jewelry for our divas and this fashion comes with dangling rhinestone earrings, a double strand bracelet of rhinestones, a giant ring with a silvery grey stone and a big pin which I have attached at the waistline.
I was pleased to see that the packaging was conservatively made so that the bottom few inches of the gown needed to be folded. I used a light steam iron through a press cloth on the skirt to get the crease out and had no problem. Please don't ever use an iron directly on any doll clothes and start out with a cooler iron that you think you need. Be careful near metallic embroidery. Steaming often does the trick on items that can't be ironed like tulle. I have heard that some people iron tulle successfully; I'm not one of those.
The faux fur stole is soft and has a thickness which is in perfect scale. My preference is to show off the gown without the stole covering any of it.
There is a little problem with several pair of shoes lately in that the heels are too tall. This makes the doll tip forward. Either platforms need to be put under the front of the shoe or the heels need to be made shorter. A collector can remedy this by cutting out a small piece of thin foam or vinyl (or two) and gluing them under the shoe front. If the color of the vinyl/foam is white and the shoe is black, use a permanent marker to color the edges. Make sure that the foam does not extend past the edge of the shoe.


  1. Looks great on Vanessa! Sorry to hear about the shoe problem, it bugs me that we pay so much money for this stuff and it still had major imperfections. Don't they test it?

  2. Hi Stratos...I think that the factory was just used to producing heels high enough to match the platforms previously produced. Unfortunately, these shoes do not have platforms. Someone is asleep at this little wheel.
    Thanks for your comment.

  3. Hi Terri!
    I am so glad to have this fashion. I would consider it one of the best fashions ever. I still have it NRFB, and I was sad to hear about shoe issues, but in all other way I hope it will be perfect :)