Halloween-y Images

The doll above is Ellowyne Wilde, "Nevermore" from Wilde Imagination which is an offshoot of the Tonner Doll Company. Earrings are by Joy Jarred. The snarling furry thing at her feet is a Sybarite wrap. Backdrop is a CED folding screen draped with a lace shawl. The chaise is a velvet covered jewel box and the round table on the left is a vintage hand painted and gold leafed Italian miniature jewel box. The heads are spray painted Mattel items and the black teddy bear is a Pullip accessory.

In the photo below we have the spooky-looking but very beautiful 16" Sister Dreary from the Tonner Doll Company. I love this doll's sculpt and the entire misery-laden concept of this line of dolls which includes Sister's younger sister, 12" Agnes Dreary, and brother, Viktor Dreary.

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  1. Wow--I love Sister Dreary (she's one of my favorites), and I'm very surprised at how adorable Ellowyne is! (Kind of scary, actually--I really don't need to add any additional sizes...) The use of black lace in the background is very clever!