Katana Restyled

Check out these fabulous photos of Katana restyled and posted by Stacy Leigh yesterday on Prego. Stacy has provided this information about the fashion Katana is wearing.
Wig by Superfrock.
Jewelry by Stacy herself.
Bustier by Ficon from Denimish.
Cigarettes by Fashion Boulevard.
Pants by Tonner from the 20th Anniversary convention.
Sneakers by Ficon.
Handbag is a memory stick.

Katana actually appears to be standing on a street at night. Well done!


  1. She kinda looks a little streetwalker-ish...but it's a stunning photo.

    I cant wait to get Katana. She (and what to dress her in) is all I think about. Her face just captivates me.

  2. OR, she looks like somebody who listens to hip hop.

  3. Katana would never wear such an out of date look as this. Hip huggers are "out, out out".