William and Catherine Royal Wedding Dolls: Behind the Scenes

Mattel released this video for the April 29th anniversary of the royal wedding. It's very interesting to watch the props and the backdrops being designed and crafted. Mattel puts a lot of effort into their photo sets. If only the same attention to detail were spent on each doll!

William And Catherine Royal Wedding® Giftset
(No Longer Available From Mattel)


  1. The kate doll looks nothing like her. I think the stardoll with the brown hair has a better resemblence of princess catherine

  2. I think of all the Kate dolls, the Mattel set (while clearly "Barbie as Kate') is the nicest. There is a certain charm that there is a touch of Barbie in each celebrity, like Tonner is in each of his sculpts. As a bald guy tho, I wish Will (and for that matter, Tim McGraw) were bald!

    1. Have you seen him lately? He will be bald soon!!!!

  3. Isn't it frustrating that the amazing realism and artistic talent used in creating these set pieces aren't manufactured for even Mattel's "adult collector" market? I would LOVE to see REALISTIC diorama settings (think of the update done for FAO several years ago of the Silkstone Fashion Shop...it was breath-taking)and pieces--NO plastic, NO "B"-monogrammed furniture, NO pink/violet/peach refrigerators, etc.

    A market untapped!

  4. Wouldn't be cool to have that carriage? WOW! Such detail. I, too, wish some of that could be channeled into the collector barbies.
    They don't even try to keep up with IT, especially the quality of the older IT dolls and their elaborate costuming.

  5. Love the carriage!!!! The shot with Kate's bouquet covering William's crotch was unusual.