Nude Barbie Basics Photo

For anyone curious about the articulation of the new Basics dolls, here are two pictures. The finish on the vinyl is pretty crappy but they're not going to be used as nekkid models so I don't care. It is true that the doll cannot put her hand on her hip. I still think that this is a 100% improvement over the stiff model body being used on the dolls and I hope to see the unarticulated body banished to never-never land where it belongs. Then...maybe Silkstones will one day get articulation. I doubt it. As long as people are willing to pay upwards of $175. for an unarticulated Silkie, why should Mattel do anything to change them?

Then she got dressed again.

The other thing I'd like to see banished is glitter. Glitter is the scourge of craft supplies. Make it go away.


  1. Terri, people spend $175 on Silkstones??? That's FR2 pricing! They only cost $70 or so when I collected them. $175? for a Silkstone???

    I think it's wonderful they finally are doing good modelmuse bodies, although they should be using the jazz diva MM body with the pivotal breast plate, and arms that you can pose on the hip.

    I have a few jazz diva pivotal bodies. I have a Daria, the one with the blonde updo, on one. I actually really enjoy redressing her. She's the only barbie that get any playtime.

  2. To Alejandro- Yes, there are special editions of the Silkies that go that high (not to mention, older, highly desired Silkies)!!

    Sort of wish these new Barbies could put their hands on their hips. Also, a little more articulation in the torso area might be nice.

    Still for that price point, I may take the plunge!!

  3. That glitter is indeed the scourge of doll-dum!
    I loathe it!
    When they put it on a Silkstone - it either comes off right away or I put the doll up for sale...it's a deal breaker for me.

    Did you notice the latina(Gold Basic you photographed)has a completely different style eye screening from the others?
    It's not my favorite so she may end up donating her body to another, more well liked dolly that needs to bend her arms every now and then! ;)

    Great body shots!

  4. I concur with everything you said on this post, Terri. I couldn't have put it better myself.

  5. Thanks, for sharing these photos, Terri. Good to see before I buy.

    Glitter ... grrrr! Can we say tacky? Yes, tacky it is.

    Stiff bodies ... tired of them for some time.