Barbie, Elise and Veronique

I ordered the new Barbie Basics. I like them. The cost me about $16. each and for that small amount you get an articulated body, nice hair and a Mattel outfit. Not bad. They're fun play dolls to have around. I'm looking forward to taking more pictures of them. The worst thing was taking them out of their ridiculous packaging. A person can get injured removing all that plastic.

Elise told me in no uncertain terms that she will not wear any more boring black clothing. She raided Misaki's stash.
I don't think her sophisticated face and hair go with the pink and orange outfit but it sure was fun.

Finally, I purchased this dress from a gal in or around Czechoslovakia (or somewhere far away like that.)
I love it! This lady shipped the dress so fast I think she's really in Brooklyn. (Actually she is in the Ukraine and her name is Olga Kaltya.)
Here is a rerooted Veronique wearing the garment and looking as gorgeous as only the true Veronique can look. Do you know who this Vero was originally?


  1. I may have an advantage over other guesses, but I'd say she was Sheer Goddess.

    I'm curious about the bodies on the Barbie Basics...details?

  2. I love my new Metallic Basics too...and for under 20.00 each - you cannot EVER go wrong! ;)

    Is your Veronique "Sheer Goddess"!?


  3. I'd say it's Sheer Goddess, but I'm only collecting since one year so I may be wrong.

  4. ...was Vero a Sheer Godess?

    I so love that Flawless Elise. i don't think she looks bad at all in the Misaki outfift. She's flawless no matter what :)

    Those basics sure seem fun, and what a price! Gotta check is they pop up around here, I need some better color matches for some of my superstar era Barbie hybrids....

  5. Veronique is very pretty and this dressis amazing! Love this lil roses! Can You tell me from where You have ordered new Barbie Basics? :) Thank You a lot! :)

  6. @Uriah: I'm not sure what you want to know so I will take a nude picture later and post it. The joints are a little stiff and there is no under bust joint - so I've been told.

  7. @Uriah, Jimmy Boy and Ana - It is Sheer Goddess. She was rerooted by one of you. Hmm...let's figure that out. It wasn't Jimmy or Ana, it must have been Uriah.

  8. @Magdalena: I ordered directly from BarbieCollector.Com. They have a sale going on until Sept 2.

  9. @Vin: Your guess was correct! Yay. You're all getting the Maven award.

  10. Got a good close look at the Basics at a doll show a couple of weeks ago. I should have bought them as she was selling them, for $14.00!
    Lately have been trying to indentify and catalog a large lot of FR/Barbie clothes I bought. Came across dollsinfo.com Excellent as a FR reference site and probably other makes also but I have not gotten that far yet. Thought new collectors like myself might be interested.

  11. I was disappointed with the elbow joints of the new Basics Barbies! They can't put their hands on their waists like the Pivotal bodies can. (I know they are cheaper, but I was still kind of let down.) BTW, Barbie Loves Elvis and Pirates of the Carribean Angelica Barbie have the full pivotal bodies.

  12. Hi! Further BTW, the original Flawless Elise head is a great skintone match for the new Barbie Loves Elvis pivotal body. Is it sacrilegious to put a FR2 head on a Barbie body?

  13. @Anonymous: Is it sacrilegious? I don't know why you'd want to use a Barbie body instead of a FR2 body unless that was all you had.
    Nothing is sacrilegious, BTW.