Bats in Their Belfry

It's a cute doll but $75. for a vinyl Barbie?

Halloween Haunt Barbie is the newest Barbie Fan Club Exclusive and will be available beginning 9/8/11.
Gold Label®
Designed by: Bill Greening
Release Date: 9/8/2011
Product Code: V0456
"No trick here... Halloween Haunt Barbie doll is a treat to behold! The perfect hostess, she's dressed for the occasion in a festive holiday outfit of orange, appropriately adorned with black cats and stars. She adds a wide waist-cinching belt with gold buckle, a black and gold choker, and basic black pumps accented with orange pompoms. Her black witch hat sits atop short auburn hair, and her vintage face sculpt features delightfully dark plum lips. A must-have holiday decoration for any Barbie doll devotee! "


  1. Mattel is trying to charge Integrity prices for cheap "Mattel" quality. It's ridiculous. If they want me to buy their crap, they need to price it accordingly. I'm so sick of cheap material, glitter and non articulated dolls. This really pisses me off. The resale value is almost cut in half if you buy a doll from Mattel. The only line I buy consistently is the Basics line and really, those need to be articulated as well. And don't get me started on articulated Silkstones, which would make their sales not only justified but would probably make them soar through the roof! OK, rant over...lol

  2. Yes I like her to, but I would have preferred a silkstone body! So no, not for $75

  3. If I saw her while walking though the TRU or Walgreen's aisles I'd get her. Cute, love the face paint, but $75???? For vinyl?

  4. Mattel prices have really taken a hike upwards lately. Unfortunately, the price increases don't seem to be warranted. I think this Halloween girl is adorable, but for $75, I am passing.

  5. Too kitschie/artsy-craftsy looking...looks like the kinda doll that stands up in the middle of the extra toilet paper roll on the tank at grandmas house...
    I think this doll could have easily been priced at 29.99 (or less).

    I'm sure she'll be popular among the die-hard collectors tho, but I'm sure I'll find something a bit nicer for my $75.00... ;)