Ways to Waste Time

There's a fun website called Entertainment Earth that sells action figures and other collectibles. You can spend lots of your free time (it won't be free if you start spending) browsing at their offerings. Here are a few cool items I saw tonight.

Doctor Who Eleven Doctors Minifigure Tardis Box Set
Google Android Phone Mascot Mini Figures Series 2 Case

Seriously creepy:

Living Dead Dolls Thirteenth Anniversary Series Set

Dexter Dark Defender 3 3/4 inch Comic-Con Exclusive Figure
These are so cute and I'll bet they're very addicitve:

Kubrick Bearbrick Series 22 Mini-Figures
Oh yes, they sell dolls, too...mostly Barbie, Pullip, Monster High, Tonner, Franklin Mint, Anime and Manga Statues, Bobble Heads, Star Trek merchandise, novelty items, plush, Disney and lots more.

Look at this adorable Pullip Dal Steampunk Ra Muw Doll. She is the cutest Pullip I've seen in a long time. Of course I want her - or maybe just her outfit.


  1. I love Pullips and DALs.. I am needing one... any one, badly. You have just helped propel me a little further and faster down the slippery slope. :D

  2. Another notch in my belt of enabling. Hehe.

  3. I love that Steampunk Dal. I've been eyeing her for a couple of months. Pullipstyle has her a listed at $128 if you opt to get her Terri.

    Enjoy your weekend,

  4. Oh.. The Mini Androids.. They're listed as blind boxes.. :( But thanks for the share.. I wish I could afford to collect Pullip Dal. :(

  5. They used to have a photo of the small scale Springfield High Library from Buffy. Now that I wanted in playscale. Imagine that ....