2012 DOTY Industry's Choice Awards Announced

I wish to extend my sincere congratulations to all these winners. The entire list is here.
Some of the winners are pictured. You can do Google searches for others by entering the name of the doll and its creator into your search.

Children's Play Doll
Lil' Cutesies Twins in Stroller – JC Toys Group
Playtime Baby Little Princess – Adora
Laura – Sonja Hartmann
Mosi – Playmates Toys

Collectible Baby Doll
Marei – Hildegard Gunzel
Nursery Time Baby – Adora
Joylee – MasterPiece Dolls
Olivia's Gentle Touch – Ashton-Drake Galleries
Harper – MasterPiece Dolls

Collectible Fashion Doll
Princess Catherine Bride Doll – Ashton-Drake Galleries
Grace Kelly the Bride Doll – Mattel
The Corpse Bride – Tonner
 Toxica – Superfrock
Dinner with Duke & Duchess – Joan Greene
Collectible Ball-Jointed Doll
Lydia Grimmsley – Kim Lasher
Winona – Connie Lowe
Eryka – Kim Lasher
Madame Eshe – Angelic Dreamz
Aurora – MasterPiece Dolls

Collectible Vinyl/Plastic Doll, Less Than $150
Goddess of the Galaxy Barbie – Mattel
Oink! – Adora
Madison – Ashton-Drake Galleries
Grace – Sonja Hartmann

Collectible Vinyl/Plastic Doll, More than $150
Lilli Princess Frog – Heidi Plusczok
Belladonna – Robert Tonner
Tanya – Maybe Baby
Amelie – Doris Stannat
Midnight Blue – Joan Greene

Collectible Miniature Doll, 8 Inches or Less
Lettie – Berdine Creedy
Snips + Snails Tommy – Heartstring Dolls
French Fashion Bru Tiny Tot – Marie Osmond Dolls
Little Belle Flower – Heidi Plusczok
Cosette – Kish & Company

Collectible Manufacturer's Artist Doll
Virginia – Zofia & Henry Zawieruszynski
Eden – Kim Lasher
Fee – Hildegard Gunzel
Princess Sarah – Heidi Plusczok
Suchin – Kish & Company

Artist Ball Jointed Doll
Chloe in Whisperland – Joe MacPhale
Eppie and Arnaud – Connie Lowe
Ava Le Cle – Kim Lasher
Candy Pink “Protea” – Berdine Creedy
Sierra – Judy Porter

Artist Baby Doll
Sweet Cheyenne – Lori Ivanovic
Louise – Pat Moulton
Lully and His Teddybear – Luciana Miglioranzi
Baby Bridgette – Lori Ivanovic

Artist Miniature Doll
Anna – Elizabeth Cooper
Addie in Pink – Bo Bergmann
Nell – Elizabeth

Artist Doll, Less Than $1,250
Celebration of Sisterhood Set – Bo Bergmann
Peppermint Green “Protea” – Berdine Creedy
Liliana – Zofia & Henry Zawieruszynski
Little Grace – Diane Effner
Lizbeth – Anna Hardman

Artist Doll, More Than $1,250
Blue Funky Fairy – Susan Krey
Kristina – Zofia & Henry Zawieruszynski
Wonderland Alice – Gregg Ortiz
Rapunzel – Hildegard Gunzel
Ambriel Antoinette – Bo Bergmann

One-Of-A-Kind Doll, Less Than $1,250
Spoonful of Sugar – Roxanna Maria
Iris Blue – Lorella Falconi
Love’s Pledge – Joy Calhoon
Lucky Child Heidi – Gaby Dolls
Cr̬me de la Rose РDiane Effner

One-Of-A-Kind Doll, More Than $1,250
Masako – Lynn Cartwright
Glenda the Good Witch – Gregg Ortiz
Jacob the Daydreamer – Nina Tugarina
Hoshi – Lynn Cartwright
Dorothy of Oz – Gregg Ortiz
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  1. I saw this list about a week ago and thought they were just a the nominees! I mean, there could only be one winner in each category right? Anyways I am happy that my girl Barbie won 2 awards this year. Bride Grace Kelly and the Goddess of Galaxy are among the best from Mattel in 2011! Honored to have both of them in my collection.

    p/s: I saw the Grace Kelly is 50% off in some places. Sad for an award winning doll like her but yay for us! I'm tempted to get another one just for fun...

    1. I think the bridal Grace Silksktone was way overpriced to begin with. Nice doll but definitely not $175. worth of nice.