Photoshoot From Hell

 I'm turning into a lazy photographer. I'd rather take stupid iPhone photos than go into my studio and do the real thing. I'm lazy in the studio, too. I had a handbag to sell so I hung up a contrasting piece of fabric and shot some pictures. Then instead of changing the background to suit the dolls I wanted to photograph, I decided to leave it. Blech. I knew it wasn't working almost immediately but didn't do anything to change it. It's a good thing I'm not doing this for money. On the other hand, if I were getting paid, perhaps I'd be less lazy.

Here you have a lesson in how backgrounds can ruin photographs. Ugh. I don't even want to talk about how much work it was to pull these images out. The last one, of course, has had it's background completely Photoshopped.
In the second picture of Dasha I desaturated the yellow tones. Compare it to the picture that follows and you will see what I mean. Both dresses are the same color IRL.
The dresses on Dasha and Elise are by Cholo. Vanessa is the former Intoxicating Mix rerooted. She is wearing Ayumi's outfit. That is also Ayumi's FR2 body. Ayumi's (ugly) head is on the way to Italy.


  1. The ladies still wow! Luv the first one especially. Sometimes I am even stress taking dolly pics, so I know the feeling of wanting to be a tad lazy.

    1. Hey, Carine! These dolls are gorgeous and I love photographing them...but I did not do them justice.

  2. I seriously love the photo of Dasha. It has an old Hollywood look to it. And regardless of feeling lazy or not, your styling and posing is supreme. XO

  3. I liked these photos and clicked on every one (to embiggen).
    Nothing wrong with loosening up, either. (:
    Those dresses are TDF!!!
    I know "Ayumi"'s head is on her way, but I wonder if someone can dremel it to beauty?

    1. A Dremel will not do any good. LOL