Two Silkstone Dolls I'd Like to Have...But

I do love to add an occasional beautiful Silkie to my small collection. I liked Palm Beach Coral the minute I saw her. I did not like her price of $139.99. They have got to be kidding, right? I pay that much for fully articulated Fashion Royalty dolls - not that they're worth it either.

This is my other favorite this year. Not only is the doll and gown beautiful but the photograph is superb. I love the setting. It's so well done. She is the 10th Anniversary Silkstone (Tribute Barbie) and will be sold for $145. when she hits the stores in November of this year.
10th Anniversary Silkstone Barbie
 I'll just have to be content to look at the pictures.


  1. I don't think there is any way the anniversary doll can live up to her photo. It implies couture atelier work and you know it's going to be rough fabric and snaps and plastic shoes. This is one instance where living via photos is better than the reality.

    Having said that, if they massively overproduce them, I'd get it for the fashion if they were on clearance.

  2. Dear Terry,
    last thursday, I went to the Mattel Store in Fresnes, France. I could buy Coral for $117 (89,60€). Tell me if you're interested in her at that price, I could go and pick one for you and bring it to you at the FR convention.
    Kind regards