New Michelle Obama Doll "Sophisticated Style" from Ashton-Drake Galleries

It looks like Ashton-Drake may have a winner here. After the debacle of the Danbury Mint Michelle Obama doll that looked nothing like the First Lady and had multitudes of unhappy buyers, collectors may be pleased to know that A-D has produced a doll that looks more like the first lady (hopefully.) The 16" tall vinyl doll has 14 points of articulation and comes with a story card with information about her ensemble.

I can't tell if this is an artist's rendering of the doll or a touched-up photograph of the doll. You will remember that the Danbury Mint advertisement was a complete sham that used a photograph of Michelle's face in lieu of the actual doll.  It's only recently that they added a disclaimer to the promotional image.

If I were going to order the doll, I'd call and ask about that. This picture makes me wonder because it looks like a painting rather than a photo of a real doll.

This is the first doll in a series of additional Michelle Obama dolls to come. It looks really lovely.
If anyone out there has her already, I'd like a review from you. If you have photos of the actual doll, I'd be happy to post them for my other readers.

The price of the doll is $129.99 with a shipping and handling charge of an additional $14.99 for a total of $144.98. You can also choose to pay in 5 installments of $26. each. 

The Ashton-Drake Galleries


  1. i pre-ordered a while back and they are not done yet. i get a postcard every week from ashton drake/collectibles stating it's been delayed 8, 10 or whatever weeks. fine with me. puts off payments.

    [on the failure doll, did you mean danbury mint? just curious. i heard all about the danbury mint one. but maybe there was a franklin mint one as well.]

    there is not too much risk because there is a satisfaction/money back guarantee.
    there is also the option to 'sign up' to be given opportunities to purchase the successive m. obama releases (dressed dolls i believe). i was told there were going to be i think four total (at the time), but that could change i guess.

  2. I preordered/reserved a subscription for Sophisticated Lady and the extra fashions in May of this year. For the past two months or so, I have received weekly mailed notifications from Ashton-Drake that there has been a delay in production with an estimated shipping date of 12-14 weeks. As soon as the doll arrives, I will update my blog with actual images and a review.


  3. Too pretty. Doesn't look like her.