Reunited and It Feels So Good

Those who attended the Nashville convention know that I lost my precious iPhone at Creekwood on Thursday night. Unfortunately it could not be found and I ordered a new one which was delivered today.
Easy, right? Wrong.
I plugged my new phone into my computer to sync it with iTunes and I was informed that I needed the latest OS software installed on my Mac. As if having missed this information wasn't embarrassing enough, I've actually had the new software in its little package since December (2009) and just kept procrastinating installing it. UGH.
I hate installing a new operating system. It takes so long and one never knows if the old programs will work. It took more than 4 hours to get everything set up. My old programs do work but it sure would be a good idea to upgrade some of them.
We're up and running and all is well.

Peaches and Herb: Reunited


  1. Speaking of iTunes, they are changing the logo/picture for it to one where there is no CD in the background because they will have passed the number of CDs sold by the time the change is made.

  2. That is too funny about the OS situation---I just received my new iPhone yesterday (never had one before) and had the same problem----except I didn't have the the software on hand, and the apple store is no longer selling it!!! Arrggghhh---fortunately my hubby is going to pick-up a mac he is buying from a friend, and it has the upgrade. Maybe by tonight I'll have a functioning iPhone. I definitely think that info should be more clearly stated prior to purchase---especially since not everyone is used to having a phone that you have to sync with your computer to make it work!

    Elisa of PetraElise