Tyler Wentworth Ready-To-Wear Boutique Collection is Back


I have always admired the fact that the Tonner Doll Company provides plenty of wardrobe options separately from the dolls. I don't think there is a single other company that produces such a quantity and variety of outfits. Yes, one comes upon an ill-fitting or poorly finished piece occasionally but for the most part, the clothes are excellent, attractive and long wearing. The separates hold their resale value longer than the dressed dolls and their outfits.
 My favorites for 2010 are right here in this photo provided on the Tonner site.

Frayed Denim Jacket $49.99
Sequined Denim Bustier  $29.99
Frayed Denim Skirt $39.99
Ruffled Evening Top $44.99
Lace Evening Skirt $59.99
Distressed Skinny Jeans $34.99
Classic Lace Blouse $39.99
Ruffled Cotton Coat $49.99

That's not all! There are three packs of shoes at $39.99 for each pack of two or three pair:

 two dresses and a sweater:

Uptown Dress $59.99
Soho Dress $69.99

Impressionist Sweater $ 39
an adorable black "swirled skirt" @   ($44.99),

several sparkly, metallic jackets:

The Love Jacket  $54.99

The Downtown Jacket $49.99

The Chelsea Hoodie $59.99
Most dealers sell Tonner items at a discount off these MSRP prices.
See more of Tonner's 2010 Tyler line by clicking here. 

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  1. I hope to add at least a few of these to my stash of Tonner clothes. LauraLA