Tonner Introduces His New 13" Revlon Fashion Doll Collection

These 13" dolls look slightly better than the horrid introductory 13" Revlon doll but they are not going to rock the market and create a demand for 13" dolls IMO. They are like little Tylers with heavy eye makeup and the fashions are same old stuff.

Why put energy into this line when we Tiny Kitty/Simone Rouge collectors have been left hanging high and dry? The Tiny Kitty body should have been reworked to create more flexibility and build on an already established base of collectors. Get rid of the pigeon toed stance. Make it so that she can sit like a 'lady.'
Bring back the dressing table and dress shoppe. We're here and we're waiting.

There is little demand for an average 13" fashion doll as long as there are, at the cheaper end, the Barbie-Silkstone crowd, the Dynamite Girls and at the higher end, the Fashion Royalty and Poppy Parker dolls - all about 12".

The Revlon name lends nothing to these dolls. They have nothing to do with the vintage reproduction Revlon dolls which will be reviewed in another post.

I would like to have seen Tonner do a 12" Ellowyne doll. Ellowyne's clothes are fabulous and fun and like nothing else on the market. She already has a huge collector base. That could have grabbed a big part of the 1/6 scale market. Are you listening out there?

Here are pictures of the 13" basic Revlon dolls which come with three different colors of rooted hair and retail for $59.99 each.

There is a wigged version. One doll plus three wigs.  Price $99.99

There are four separate outfits and two sets of 3 pair of shoes.

Outfits range from $79.99 to $99.99 and the shoe trios are $39.99 each.
According to the website this collection will be made to order and there will be only one production run.
That is a good idea.


  1. I totally agree with your comment about having 12" version of Ellowyne. I collect within the 1/6 market - I've experimented with larger dolls such as Alex and Sybarite but I always go back to 1/6. I like Ellowyne and her clothes but would not buy her because of her present size - Kate

  2. There's something odd going on with her forehead. Like it's got a weird slope, maybe it's just me.

  3. I wonder if the newer smaller dolls are meant to attract a whole new audience to Tonner? If I were starting fresh with Tonner instead of storing 10 years worth of his standard Tyler size stuff (and more recently Antoinette/Cami) would I pick the 13"???

  4. For so many years, their 16" girls are successful, jumping into 12" world which is filled with competition may be too risky for them. They found another way in the middle to avoid direct competition, or just try to test the market before they make decision.

  5. The new size has attracted this former Tonner 16" collector!
    I have 6 IKEA Billy cabinets full of the larger dolls, and cannot see continuing with larger sized dolls.

    I downsized to the 12" Silkstones and FR dolls 4-5 years ago, and hope to add these Miss Revlon dolls. I agree with Terri that they look like a mini Tyler, a sculpt which I really like.

    My only reservation is a fear that I will buy the entire collection with great enthusiasm, and then it will be discontinued due to lack of interest or whatever.
    Thanks so much for the info, Terri!! I never would have known about the dolls otherwise.


  6. I love the new Miss Revlon 13" dolls but the clothing is too modern. I miss Tiny Kitty's classic look.

    I finally made my decision and ordered from CF the basic blonde and brunette along with the gold/silve/black shoe set.

    I'm going to dig through my doll clothes and see what they can fit into...I'm hoping to squeeze them into some Gin-o dresses...I have a silver and pale pink sequined one that is looking for the right doll...Poppy just doesn't fit the bustline!

    I agree that I wish they would continue the Tiny Kitty line...they had the UFDC special Little Luxuries...love that doll but I think her clothing were a huge disappointment so I bought her nude.

    Thanks for a great blog Terri!

    Connie in PA

  7. Can these new Revlon dolls wear Barbie sized clothes?
    Thank you
    DeDe from Tracy Ca

  8. Regarding the question about these dolls wearing Barbie size clothes, the answer is no.