A New Old Doll Arrives - Dark Desire Madra

I recently shared about my experiences in Nashville at the Golden Age of Couture event. One evening I helped debox about 80 Madra dolls, many of which I had never seen. When I opened Dark Desire's box, I decided that she was the most beautiful Madra I had ever seen. Not only is her face beautifully screened, her fashion is sophisticated and elegant.
I had to have her. She arrived this afternoon and was immediately released from her box.

The lightweight wool or wool blend suit is lined in chartreuse. Her gloves are the same green. The hat/hood slips over her head. Her muff is also lined in green. She has the most amazing eyes. I am so happy to finally find a Madra to love. I have sold every single Madra I've ever had. This one is staying. She will get a more articulated Integrity body.
Although this doll is several years old, her hair is in perfect condition. What a beauty!

Dark Desire was produced by Ashton Drake in 2002.


  1. Congratulations. It's always a treat to find an older release you love.

  2. Dark Desire Madra was the first AD doll I bought back in 2003. To this day she still is my favorite. Well done getting her, she`s a true beauty. I just hope yours doesn`t turn yellow like mine did.

  3. @Guy-Paul: As long as her face doesn't turn yellow, I'm OK. She was in perfect condition when I undressed her last night so I'm hopeful.

  4. I have a Dark Desire Madra in mint condition original box with two additional outfits. All have certificates of authenticity in original boxes. How much do you think they are worth?