Integrity Toys' Freeze Frame Avantguard Doll

The new W Club exclusive Avantguard doll, Freeze Frame, has shipped with a surprise in store for collectors. I am pleased to report that the knee joint has been redesigned. A little detail like the blushing is continued onto the joint as well. It it much more attractive and stable than the original. This was an important issue to address as the 'floppiness' of the AG body detracts from it's fun. This particular doll has a modest amount of play under her bust and in the hips but seems to be improved overall.
FF has the closed mouth sculpt with a soft palette. The eyeshadow crease was another surprise; it is glittered! I absolutely didn't expect that. The wig has the GaGa hair bow but needs trimming. I plan to shorten it considerably. It fits perfectly and goes on easily.The outfit - while it's not my taste for a doll like this it is made very well. The fabric on the white mini dress is lovely. The wide plastic belt has a criss cross corset-laced closure in the back. The boots are well constructed and LEVEL!!! In the photo above, she is actually standing on her own with no support at all. The faux fur on the boots is a little mangy but in the photo they are OK. Under the dress is a lovely lacy bodysuit. I adore this item. It's so pretty and I like pretty. Is she supposed to be a Lady GaGa character type? If so, the outfit doesn't go far enough; she should have rhinestones pasted on her eyelids and crazier boots, perhaps made from metal. That's what I would like to see. The jewelry is a darkened pewter cuff bracelet and rhinestone stud earrings. And of course she comes with additional hands and feet.
The quality is excellent and if you like the doll, I recommend her.


  1. I just received the Avantguards "On edge". Which I am mosted impressed with, in particular are the 21 points of movement. I read in May of 2010 on this site about floppiness in the Avantguard. Was this an issue with 2008 and 2009 Avantguards?

  2. @Anonymous
    They're all pretty floppy.