Nu.Face Eden in HJ Couture

He goes by the name HJ Couture. Huckleberry Jackson is a great name for a great designer. HJ also creates fashion for human women. I missed out on most of his collection as it sold out quickly but I was in time to nab this beauty.
The fabric is a silky feeling semi-sheer delight. Huckleberry is incredibly skilled with a sewing machine as evidenced by the well applied leather strips and the folded fabric which is symmetrical and perfect.
There is a leather 'train' down the back with ruffles on either side. I will have to photograph that detail. The dress slips on either from the bottom up or vice versa. The arm openings are large. HJ shows the dress worn with and without a belt. I like it this way.
Click on the photo to see it full-sized.

Background setting is Bella! RWV floor, walls and windows. The prop is a black velvet ring display item.


  1. HJ's COUTURE collection is one of the most WOW that i saw till now. and I'm looking forward to see more from him.

  2. I have to disagree. While he is a skilled tailor and can construct a garment, his designs are as awkward as is his poor draping. The dress pictured is a disaster, and a mish-mosh of too many ideas in one garment. I commend him on his "vision", his effort, but unlike many successful avant guard or "envelope pushing" designers, he doesn't excite me. I looked closely at his designs and I find them awkward and unflattering, but then again the Emporer always needs new clothes and will always have followers.