Integrity Toys' "Spring Forward" Eugenia Doll

The W Club 2010 Upgrade Fashion Royalty Doll "Spring Forward" has shipped. Eugenia has a gorgeous sculpt and the screening on this version is unusual. Her lips are pale peach and she's wearing bright turquoise eyeshadow. Her eyebrows are a light reddish brown which is the same color as her hair - beautiful colors that definitely work together.I like the look with the sunglasses as the turquoise (even though it's a beautiful color) is overwhelming and makes her eyes look squinty.
The outfit is young and adorable. I love the light yellow blouse with the ruffle layered collar that flutters up and down. Beautiful construction. The skirt hems are serged and as there are threads that are sticking out of the stitching. They can be carefully trimmed. The belt and the shoes are the complete the ensemble. The shoes are drop dead gorgeous. They pick up the three colors of the outfit exactly and have shiny silver platforms and heels. Jewelry is rhinestone studs.
Her hair has been left basically unstyled and straight. I'm looking forward to seeing how collectors restyle her.


  1. I like the new knees on the AG doll. The old ones looked a little choppy.

    SF Eugenia's hair color is fierce. But the plugs seem to be spaced far apart. I'm not sure a new hairstyle will work because changing the position of the hair reveals lots of bald spots. I think I'll be leaving her hair alone. She does appear to be squinting as you said. I actually find I like that, because she looks pissed off. LOL

  2. I loooove those shoes... I still didn´t know if i will like the excess of aqua on the eyes.. but it seems it will work with her pale skin.. and yes.. from the different photos i saw.. she looks squinted.. Mine is in customs so i have to wait a little longer...