Jamieshow Holiday Collection

The centerpiece of the collection that Angelic Dreamz debuted today is the character Ginny as "Revelry." LE50  $475.00 She is available for pre-order and is expected to ship in December.
Ginny makes her debut as our Holiday 2012 doll Revelry. Dressed in red silk charmeuse.  Dress designed by Madeline Rose Couture.  With a new red bee-hive rooted wig cap and red bowed fabric shoes. This Ginny comes with hooked hands that are interchangeable but fixed.  Replacement and alternate hands are available in the Angelica Skin Tone and new style pop off hands are available and sold separately.

The furniture collection: a spectacular sofa, a chair and a gold coffee table.

The four wig caps are bee hive style in different colors.

Click HERE to go to Angelic Dreamz Holiday 2012 Collection


  1. Wow, lovely dolls! I didn't realize Madeline Rose Couture was still in business! I've always loved her designs!


  2. I like the sofa but for that price I can get a OOAk made by Julia in Russia... the Ginny Sculpt is alright but nothing I trully love, and her gown is ok but that style of dress is just not workign for me in a gown format...it works better when is done in a cocktail dress(like superdoll has done over and over again)...or a jacket like tonner did

  3. Not liking the tendrils

  4. I adore Jamieshow dolls but they are getting to be a little out of my price range as of late, which is too bad cause I want to continue to collect these lovely ladies...the chair's scale looks odd to me, and while I love the couch, I would never pay that much for one. I think it is wonderful that the makers are doing collaborations with other designers for their fashions, it add a little something extra and brings a different flavour to the line. I am glad they are giving you the option to not have the pop off hands, as I do not like them at all, it is frustrating when posing a doll, the concept was good but it still needs some tweaking I think. While I think she is a beautiful doll, the red hair is just looking like a bad die job lol..I think with the right wig, she would be a knock-out and the Ginny sculpt is truly stunning.