Funny Face "Take the Picture"

Today I began to photograph the dolls I purchased from the new Funny Face line.
First, "Take the Picture." This doll has the original Vanessa sculpt and uses the Poppy Parker body

 The construction of the doll's fashion is very good.
Her necklace is a very nice, intricate piece of doll jewelry.
They made Vanessa look like some other character with the way she is screened. That doesn't please me but she is worth keeping. I may have her eyes repainted.

I detest the Poppy Parker leg. The ankle looks deformed. There is no way to make the Poppy leg look graceful. She is always pigeon-toed and flat-footed looking. It's not cute.

Coming: Reviews of "Think Pink" and the "Let's Kiss and Make Up" Gift Set.

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