Electrostatic Flocking

JamesFL aka OOAK Zoo, the wonderfully talented re-paint artist, posted this image and information about electrostatic doll head flocking.

This is what James wrote:
Here's a pic of my GI Joe that I had custom flocked by Ray Cairo of Flock Concepts, he's a master at electrostatic flocking (the fibers stand on end like a brush)...this is not the shake n' bake style of flocking (which actually looks more like felt). I've asked him if he would flock the 16" girls and guys and he said he would, so you just need to contact him with your ideas. He can also do a shorter velvet type flock like on the vintage Kens. He doesn't work with rooted hair so if the head you want flocked has rooted hair you'll probably have to pull it all out first. He can also mix short and long flock fibers, for example shorter on the sides and longer on top for a sort of flat top look.
I've seen electrostatic flocking in action when Alain Tremblay did a workshop at the last Gene convention in Philadelphia a few years ago.  I posted a picture of my flocked head Trent previously on this blog but here it is again.
 It's a great look for some dolls and if you wish to learn more about this process or have someone do this for one of your dolls, check out these links. 




  1. That flock looks amazing! I would love to send some Tonner men, but I hesitate because getting the head back on a Tonner male can be a little challenging, and I would be very worried about destroying the flocking. If there was way he could do the flocking with the head still attached (where the owner would remove the hair, then re-attach the head before sending) that would be ideal. I

    1. You should write to them to find out.

  2. alain also did some a couple of years ago, where just the sides are flocked and the top is a piece of longish fur....i think that's my favorite way to get a short hairstyle...it's similar to the Syb Karma