Emilia's INRO Has Arrived

Inro is standing on my computer desk right now. I can't stop looking at her!
I took a few quickie shots with my iPad of the "opening ceremonies."
There was a wonderful surprise in the box with the doll. A full sized picture-on-fabric backdrop was included!
Her attached paddle-shaped hands would be perfect for gloves if one was so inclined. She does come with three sets of expressive hands.
She exceeds my expectations.
Normally I don't apologize for my pictures but this doll deserves better and these are posted for us picture-hungry collectors.
As someone else has posted, if any are still available and you're on the fence, don't hesitate to buy her now. She's not like an untested new model car. This doll is fabulous. 


  1. If only she would not have to go through customs I'd love to have such a fantastic doll.

    But I can vividly imagine the personnel's faces when they see how much I paid for "a doll". Furthermore I am so fed up with laying
    open my account statements.

    Maybe other collectors are bothered by alike unfortunate circumstances.


    1. One collector posted that she had to pay 120 British Pounds in duty tax! I would have very few dolls if I had to pay that amount in tax.

    2. Apart from all the usual trouble German customs cause they charge heftily.

      I would have to pay approx. 200 USD import tax and customs duties for the
      Inamorata; would have been about the same amount for an Abbe Lane doll.

      So in the end I tend to buy British.


  2. A very beautiful and otherworldly doll.

  3. Thank you for a wonderful deboxing review Terri! I am so happy you like my Inro so much and it means a world to me as I know you say it like it is.

    I wish I could help people out with the tax issue. I know how it is after living in Finland the whole time I've collected dolls and having to pay Finnish tarifs, taxes and VAT for every doll I ever bought. For a Sybarite coming from US the taxes would always be 200-300euros. You have it so good in States without any horrid taxes to haunt you. Then again I guess I'd be drowning in dolls without paying almost double for all my dolls... ;)

  4. Em'lia, your Sybarites should be coming direct from the UK and then you wouldn't pay any Customs Tax surely? Aren't Finland in the EU?

    Inro is a very beautiful doll and so detailed, I would have loved one, but sadly didn't have the funds when she went on sale and now she is sold out - I will just have to enjoy owner photos, so thanks for yours Terri :o)