About Anonymous Comments

Anonymous commenting is highly discouraged. Rarely are anonymous comments thoughtful and constructive. Most are 'hit and run' and just plain irrelevant and/or nasty. I'm not going to post them.
Signing on with Google is easy and free. It will be automatic once you have an account. If you don't want to sign up with Google, just sign your name. However, to be clear, just because you have signed your name doesn't mean a comment will be posted. This isn't You Tube. I do review every comment.


  1. Sometimes people use anonymous for other reasons besides being hateful, rude and/or for making inappropriate sexist or racist comments. Your judgment is pretty harsh. I have sisters that like to make fun of my love of dolls. They think I'm too old to be playing with dolls and love being able to try and shame me. I've commented in the past anonymously because I already have a google account in my name. I used to subscribed to your blog but what's the point if I can't participate. Just thought I'd share... I use anonymous to keep my doll life and love protected.

    1. I'm glad you posted this. If you read over what I've written above, I said I'm not going to post irrelevant and/or nasty comments. If, in the past, you've posted anonymously and it was a relevant post, I let it post.
      I do read every comment and it's not a harsh judgment, it's experience and good judgment.

  2. Just because you post as Anonymous doesn't mean you can't sign your name or a "username." Seeing a name is nice because you get to know other posters, and it feels more like a community.