Tutorial: Make a Balcony for Your Doll

Pam in Arizona (Pamnaz) posted this charming set of photos and instructions for Gene who is portraying Evita on the balcony addressing her subjects.
The original post may be found on Studio Commissary.
Supplies I used (all supplies are available at any craft store such as Hobby Lobby or JoAnn's):
1- Styrofoam Circle
7- 7" cake pillars
White glue
Tacky glue
"Stucco" wallpaper (you can also use paper clay or air dry clay to cover the Styrofoam) 

 Cut the Styrofoam circle in half. I originally wanted to use air dry clay or paper clay to cover the Styrofoam semi-circles, but I didn't have any (forgot to purchase). Instead, I did have in my supply stash (that I collected from Goodwill) a roll of "stucco"-looking wallpaper. So because I was impatient, I used that instead of the air-dry clay. If you do cover the Styrofoam with the air-dry clay, be sure to use white glue on the Styrofoam before placing the clay on it (so it adheres to the Styrofoam). Then when it's dry you can paint the clay to match the pillars, or paint the whole thing to your liking.

Then, I just glued ("Tacky" glue) the pillars -- evenly spaced -- to the Styrofoam base. Then glued the top in place.  
Voila! Gene has a balcony!


Thanks to Pam for this easy-to-do project. Our dolls are celebrities and need balconies to address their adoring fans!


  1. What a great idea! I wonder where she got the microphones? They add the perfect touch.