Wilde's First-Ever Virtual Factory Sale

Are we excited yet? 

I bought my first Evangeline at a real factory sale and I was hooked for a while. (It was the old body's awful posing that did me in.) Now I have just one new Evangeline with a bunch of outfits and one Ellowyne. And that's it. Not that I don't look often.

I'd love a Sad Sally just because she is so adorable. I have never held one so I don't know how well she poses. But...I have learned how to wire my dolls so that problem will go away - maybe.
This doll is a basic and retails for $250. She's 7" tall - or should I say 7" short? Resin BJD, changeable eyes and wig. I have a feeling that I won't be able to get one on sale if they even have any for sale. Sigh.

If this were an outfit, I'd buy it for my beautiful Ello, but it's a dressed doll and I don't want another doll.
Great Depression Ellowyne $135.15 (End of edition Special)
Perhaps someone reading this will do a split with me???

Looking for an outfit for my Evangeline, this looked good at first.
Candlelight at Night (Outfit Only) $110.
Harking back to a topic I've covered before, here is one of the reasons manufacturers should not use glitter:
Click on the image to enlarge it and tell me what those sparkling dots are on her black dress. Yep. It's glitter on the dress.  It is probably on the doll, the photographer, his work table and everywhere else. Ugh. The shoes are described as silver glittery. Why doesn't the description say the robe has applied glitter? Because no one wants it. Here is the description from the website:
Featuring a long black dress of shantung trimmed in tulle beneath a glowing robe of sheer fabric and sequins with matching tulle trim and shantung sleeve cuffs, this ensemble is sure to light up any dark and dreary night! The outfit is complete with matching black hat garnished with feathers and tulle ribbons at the back, and a soft veil. Silver glittery shoes finish the look. Splendid for those night vigils! LE 350
This post started out as an announcement about the virtual factory sale and turned into a rant about glitter.  In any event, I think there will be chaos on the ordering site. So many people will be trying to buy stuff that the server will become paralyzed. That's been my experience with these virtual factory sales no matter who the manufacturer is. They just don't have enough band width. 

Keep your expectations low and you won't be disappointed. If you get to buy something at a price you like, that's great!

Good luck, everyone.

March 24, 2014. At approximately 12:10 PM EDT

This link will become active when the sale begins:



  1. Terri do you know if Evangeline clothes/shoes will fit Sybarite or Kingdom Doll?

    1. Shoes - definitely not. Evangline is 19" tall. Sybs and KD's are 16" There are assorted capes and robes that could be adapted to the smaller dolls...maybe even some dresses but I wouldn't rely upon it.

  2. Slade Thomas3/20/14, 8:41 PM

    Actually a few of Evangeline's dresses and corsets fit the Sybarbite body quite well. I purchased Sunset Over Ipswich, which is now sold out, but it fits Dionysis like a glove. A bit long but it's a nice flowy dress anyway, snaps well, and fits the bust. Terri is right about the shoes though ;-)

  3. New here, love the blog. Can anyone explain how the sale works- are there pictures or just a list like the recent Tonner warehouse find sale? How good are the discounts? Thanks in advance for any input. -Hayley

    1. We will probably see pictures with prices underneath. This being the first Wilde factory sale, I couldn't tell you for sure how it will work. Collectors,in advance, do not know what the discount will be.

  4. Well I got a couple of things before the site crashed and burned. Such great prices! Wonder if it will be back up today? I feel bad for the normally-cheerful Wildeimagination reps taking phone calls...

    1. I did get the Depression Era Ello but accidentally got two instead of one. I couldn't edit my shopping cart so instead of losing everything, I just bought it. The lengths we go to....