Picture of the Week Award ~ August 6, 2009

This week's award goes to LeeAnn in Pennsylvania for this wonderfully funny picture of her doll called Devil Debra. Debra's antics often include a Voodoo doll that sports a multitude of pins.

LeeAnn told me that Debra inspires her and often provides a channel for expressing feelings. The doll itself is an Elfdoll by Rainman whose original name is Hana (Devil). It came in two versions although both were neuter gendered. The differences were the face-ups and outfits. The doll is a 20cm resin BJD that was released in 2006 and came with four different face-plates.

See more wonderfully humorous photos showcasing this doll's antics at 5th Avenue Vixens
and on Prego where LeeAnn is the Admin.
Congratulations, LeeAnn, on creating a big personality from a small doll that so many of us enjoy.


  1. I think hana means flower in Japanese.

  2. That little head of her's is going to be HUGE after this! LOL. Thank you Terri! LeeAnn