Mini Gene Dolls Set to Debut

It was announced to the public that three new Hollywood Royalty dolls based on the fictitious Gene Marshall designed by Mel Odom, would be coming soon.
I have created three montages to show the new dolls and the original 16" Gene doll upon which it is based. The original dolls were manufactured by Ashton-Drake and are some of the earliest of all the Genes.
"Blue Caprice" is based on Blue Goddess [inset]

"Red Desire" based on Red Venus [inset]

"Midnight Lace" based on Pin Up [inset]

The first two will be available from dealers, the last, Midnight Lace, will be a W Club exclusive available to lottery winners. Each is a limited edition of only 250. The estimated delivery date is Mid-Late November, 2009. And the price is a whopping $150.

I like the idea of these dolls. I was never a movie star-doll lover and Lana Turner, although nice, never really grabbed me. Josephine Baker wasn't a Hollywood star and I didn't care for the quality of the dolls. Since I am already fond of the Gene line, past and present, these are "just right" (says Goldilocks.)

I've had people ask me today who Gene Marshall was. I suppose for non-Gene collectors it can be confusing to find out that she wasn't anyone but the product of the creative mind of her creator.
There's a touch of sibling rivalry going on between dedicated Gene collectors and Fashion Royalty collectors. Some are saying that Integrity should have made these into 16" dolls. It's never enough! I think the Gene line this year was amazing!
With that said, two new dolls in the Return to Hollywood (Gene) line-up have been announced and they are absolutely gorgeous.

Pearls and Pink Ivy "Vee J." Jordan® Dressed Doll

Heat Wave Violet Waters® Dressed Doll

Both dolls are limited to just 200 each and are estimated to arrive in October, 2009. Price $119.00


  1. Thanks for the overview on Gene. I liked seeing your side by side pics of the original Genes with the new smaller versions. Now I know what it's all about.

    I'll be interested to see good closeups of the face. Artistically, I expect that will be a greater challenge than scaling down the clothing.

  2. I don't collect Gene, but I LOVE these new miniature Gene dolls, especially Blue Caprice and Black lace. Don't think there will be enough money in the dolly budget for one :-(

    Thanks for posting. I look forward to your reviews, once you get your hands on one or two of them.


  3. Marsha...I'm set to get my hands on all of them. LOL

  4. Great, Terri!!! That means we'll get super photos of all three. Oh no - your awesome photos might me cave, LOL.


  5. I left out the word "make" in the above post. Meant to say...your awesome photos might "make" me cave.


  6. Wow.. a small doll cost $150.00 and a full size Gene cost $119.00..

    I guess FR fans who want the new mini Gene have to pay a full size price. Something stinks here.
    Gene goes mini.. Susie joins the DG's.. is Barbie joining FR.. for only $899.99? LOL

    The pricing is way off.
    Thanks for your continued excellence, Terri!
    I always love reading your Blog.

  7. Hi Terri - This is Kelly at The Doll Peddlar in Little Rock. Wanted to email regarding the 12inch new gene dolls. Judy and I love the way you blended the old and new pics of Blue Caprice and Red Desire. Would love to use them on our website and of course credit you in the description if we can. Of course, they won't be up there long before they're sold out. We totally understand if you would rather not. Let us know. Thanks. kelly@dollpeddlar.com.

  8. I'm a little late at finding out about these 12" Gene dolls, I like the idea they are based on earlier editions, I have the orignal Red Venus doll which I paid in payments through ashton drake (are the broken down payment days all over now? I wish more dealers could get on that so saving up can be a possibility, especially with FR's and the higher priced DG dolls)

    I just heard that mel odom will stop creating Gene dolls and go back to his main passion as a painter and get known for that. I met him once and got an AD catalog & Glossy signed by him. I have only two large genes (RV and a brunette Basic before she was more moveable) But collecting any doll is hard these days for a lot of us now even the decent priced can be hard to reach. I'll wait on getting my mini gene for now.