"Best Drama" IFDC Convention Doll, Lifeball, Vanessa

Stunning, sleek, sophisticated, that is in a nutshell my description of "Best Drama", the 2009 convention souvenir from this year's IFDC. She is part of the newly introduced Monogram collection which purports to showcase the runway designs of Jason Wu. We're still looking for this dress. Perhaps it will show up in a future runway show.
The packaging is dramatic with a striking and dynamic color splash on the front of the box. Tying the doll to the box were gray ribbons with Jason Wu woven into them. I am wondering about the brass (?) closure folded over the top of the box. It's beautiful, substantial and excessive. I thought at first it could be used as part of the stand but that's not true. It's truly useless.

I put my Lifeball and Best Drama together and decided to switch a few things around.

First of all, I removed the crinoline from under Lifeball's gown to allow the fabric to drape gracefully. I took off her hat and gave it to Best Drama and replaced LB's jewelry with that of Agnes OV. Lifeball got a black ring.The rose themed jewelry on BD was tacky-looking so I switched it up with LB's earrings and added a rhinestone cluster at her waist, rhinestone bracelet and ring. Black looks so good with diamonds.
Here are two more views of Best Drama.

The biggest surprise of all was the intricate and delicate embroidered embellishment on the hosiery. The designers provided shoes with strappy ribbons that interfere with this beautiful detail work. I changed the shoes to plain black pumps.

The quality of this product is excellent. Value for the dollar is questionable but I'd rather have the finest of dolls for $225. than a defective doll for $125.
The biggest mistake Integrity could make would be to start knocking these dolls out one after the other. Why? Well, in 2006 there were only 11 Vanessas, each was highly sought after and very collectible. Then the company started to produce more Vanessas: In Bloom (Club Doll), Pale Fire, Going Places, (2007 Convention Souvenir), High Tide, Color Therapy, Metal Maven, Shirred Not Shaken (2008 Centerpiece Doll).
They were all beautiful but part of an overload of Vanessas. Club members asked for it and they got it. One must be careful what one asks for.
Two years later there are now about 19 Vanessas and the latest ones are hard to give away. There hasn't been a amazing knock-out Vanessa since Miami Glow.
There will be one more Vanessa as part of the convention collection this year. She is called "Luxe Life" and is a "re-edition." I wouldn't mind having Lush Life's gown again but I hope this Vanessa is drop dead gorgeous. This image is the property of Integrity Toys and shows Lush Life Veronique.

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  1. Hi Terri,

    Thanks for the close-up on the embroidered hosiery details - beautiful! And the Life Ball gown looks much better without the crinoline - now drapes more like the life-size gown that inspired it.