Royale #82, FDA Marcella, Sybarite Toxica

Royale #82 has arrived after a long delay. Her gown is stunning with it's fine pleating detail. It's a lovely miniature work of couture. This is the second new TDLM doll I have received whose hair looks quite different from the promotional photos.
Here's the promo:
Here's the actual:
The color is totally different. The curls on mine are rather haphazard - but I can fix that. I like the way the sculpt looks in my picture but it just looks different because of the lighting. I shot my picture outside with an iPhone in the cold winter sun just a few minutes ago.

Marcella got a hair makeover. I cut off all of her awful hair, which is something I should have done a long time ago, and styled a Monique wig to suit her. Much improved in my opinion.

Finally, my new beauty, Toxica, hasn't had any face time in front of a real camera yet. She waits patiently. It's not easy when one's doll room and photo studio are not on the same floor of a house.


  1. can't wait to see your photos of Toxica. they will be amazing i'm sure!

  2. Is that just a badly fitted dress or is she supposed to be playing peek-a-boo ?

  3. @Colin: the bodice is very snug and I must have turned her just enough for the body part to pop out. I didn't mean it. LOL

  4. Here's a dumb Q: I have that sweater too, and was wondering how you got it on Marcella. From the bottom up over the hips? or over the head? I didn't want to ruin it. Many thx!!!

    Your Toxica is stunning (of course). (;

  5. @Anonymous (Please sign your name!)
    I pulled the sweater down over her head. I took off her hands first.

  6. Re: Sweater; Sorry, that was me. Thanks for your tips! I didn't even know their hands came off (properly/officially)! All this time.... (Their hands do squeeze well for getting through things which is what I'd been doing in general.) I always adore seeing FDAs customized, too (re: wig).

  7. Hi ~ib:
    Apology not necessary I just hate to address people as anonymous when I need to answer their questions. They come apart although it's not exactly recommended. ;-) I had a leg come off...or was than an arm? I don't remember but it wasn't supposed to come off.