Vanessa and Veronique

I never seem to play with my 12" dolls these days. I've redressed so many of them and haven't photographed these changes yet. That's a big difference for me. Tonight I grabbed these two dolls and gave them a little camera time.
First up is a totally redone Veronique. It doesn't even matter who she was originally because she's been repainted twice, rerooted and rebodied. I still want to apply eyelashes again. She did have them once. Vin Trapani repainted and Susan Korba rerooted. Vero is wearing Blue Blood Tatyana's outfit.

The last (real) Vanessa release was the surprise doll at the W Club luncheon during the Wu convention. She originally had a hairstyle that looked like a collapsed tornado about to fall off the front of her forehead. I did not like her look.

I took out all the pins and I was not surprised to find a mess of different lengths and density of rooted hair. I cut it all one length and it still looked crappy. She needs to be re-rooted or wigged. In the meanwhile I played around and created a silly upward swirl. The product called "Got 2 B Glued" was what I used to stiffen her hair. It's great stuff.
Her dress is a shortened version of Most Wanted Elise's gown.  It's very easy (but tedious) to remove the lower tier. I also removed the two dorky bows from the front of the bodice. She is wearing Elise's shoes, jewelry by Joy and carrying the purse from Sheer Bliss. I'm having a talented collector/designer make a jacket from the removed fabric and will show it once I get it.


  1. Haha! I love Vanessas hair =) She's really a gorgeous... hadn't she been a bit too look a like with Night Warrior Van faceup, I might have kept mine... *sigh* But I'm sticking to my decision of keeping my dolls narrowed to 20ish, so have to be strong!! I really like the dress like that aswell, can't wait to see the complete outfit ;)
    ...and after 2 repaints, a reroot, and a body swap, I have NO idea who that Vero is =) I just think it might be a 1st generation one, otherwise why would you rebody right? =)

  2. @Ana: She was Foreign Affair - 2nd generation I guess.

  3. Wow--I'm loving what you did with Vanessa's hair, and Elise's gown. Just fabulous!

  4. Brilliant what you did with the gown. Can't wait to see the jacket! Love the hair. So funny, yet so... modern/avant guard. (=