Off-Kilter Posing

Something is really bothering me about this doll. I don't know if it's the length of the gown or what. It just seems awkward. Am I imagining it? I would love to get opinions from others about this dressed doll.

The way her feet are spread apart is a result of my inability to rotate the legs at the knee. People don't stand with their feet together when posing and when I tried to make the pose more graceful the doll couldn't be supported. She needed to have her feet apart. Ugh.


  1. The fabric seems to not be in scale and the pleating isn't perfectly executed, so it doesn't lay as it should, and it balloons out slightly off-kilter at the hem. Those bodies have been needing an upgrade foreverrrrrrrrrr. She just looks awkward.

  2. i thought she was on the antoinette body?? shouldn't her knees rotate??

    and i, for one, think the skirt is *just* too long. it makes her torso look so small compared to her hips.

  3. My Antoinettes knees rotate.

    I thought the dress pleating is actually done the way that it should be. (Meaning: It's not supposed to hang like a kilt.) I think it's supposed to be a show... like a twirling umbrella. I like it. :)

  4. um... yeah they do. they should. all mine do C: unless you're talking about some other type of rotation. they are almost exactly like the integrity Gene legs 9but better imo)

    here's a couple pics to demonstrate


  5. I actually love the gown... (you know how I love tons of Tonner outfits, I wish they were 12'' ^_^), but if it were longer, it would be perfect in my opinion. It would also look very good if it were shorter. Bottom line I do think the lenght, as it is, is definitly wrong.

  6. I think the awkwardness may stem from just too much going on, too many non-integrated design elements: complex hair, golden necklace, very intricately detailed dress, long black gloves, challenging length, indifferent shoes....really no link between the elements...pretty doll tho.
    Anne Moore in Saskatchewan

  7. When I saw the promo photo I thought that the dress should have been floor length. I am curious - how is the construction? I find that Tonner is terrible about the details, using white thread for buttons and seems instead of matching the color of the dress.

  8. I think it is the length of the dress, it should either be floor length or just under the knee so more calf would show or the feet wouldn't! The pleating catches the light wrong in a few places and makes the dress look even more awkward. Try photographing her from above down, I think you would like the outcome then!

    She has a beautiful face and I love the Raihing backdrop (just bought it myself!).

    BW Designs

  9. I guess I tend to pose Ant's body by closing her legs at the hips, which seems to address the knee issue, and then have her lean on something for support (or at least hide her stand behind her in this case, since her gown is large).

    I'd agree, though--the poof at the waist looks off. My dress doesn't do that. I wonder--the doll or the dress? (I'd love to see it on one of your Sybs!)

    One of the things I keep trying to remember is that it's a TDLM dress, and the hem is weird length for today. Considering it's a design from the 1940s, it's held up surprisingly well.

  10. Antoinette's knees absolutely DO rotate.

  11. @Dave: The construction is very good. No white linings hanging out.

  12. @Alison: I absolutely agree with you about the enduring beauty of the styles. Most every TDLM Robert has ever done still looks gorgeous. I wonder if I should take the petticoat out so the shape of the skirt is smoother at the hips??
    BTW..it would never fit a Sybarite. Antoinette doesn't have the bustline or the curves. If this gown had been made to fit Tyler, then it would have fit a Syb.

  13. RE: Knee Rotation: I have removed my statement concerning the inability of the doll's knees to rotate. I could not rotate this doll's legs. Perhaps if I undressed her and tried harder, they would rotate. During the photoshoot, I did not do that.

  14. For me it's the way the doll's dress poufs out at her right hip (right in the photograph, I mean). It looks like there's some invisible belt pushing the fabric that way. I feel the silhouette should be a bit slimmer if you're going to have pleats like that.

  15. I think what's bothering you and a issue with the design is the fabric is too heavy for the style and it shows in the waist of the skirt as well as the flow at the end hem. The design is incredible if they could have come up with a thinner satin it would have been perfect.

  16. Hi Terri,
    In my simple opinion looking at this doll she look too stiff like it's no life on her. And the gown doesnt help her..Maybe It's the fabric. It look like taffeta, and if it's taffeta that gown should be floor lenght because the fabric is so stiff it look like she is wearing a beach umbrella.
    Happy New Year..... Hugs...........OVAZ

  17. I really like this -- the doll, the outfit, the hair, the colors!!! I think I see what you mean though. The length does seem a bit off, but it could be the time period as previously mentioned in comments. I wonder if you just broke down and used a stand (photoshopping it out if you like -- I realize your preferences) it could help; another idea is to have her lean somehow onto a wall to the side (I realize this would be tricky with such a skirt, so perhaps another object) or maybe just go with an "ennui" pose (or a ballroom dance pose). (= for fun.

    I still feel this is a to die for set and live vicariously through in order to enjoy it!!

  18. @ib
    These are all good suggestions. What I did do was remove her pouffy crinoline. I'm going to try pressing the pleats a bit but I don't want to ruin the surface of the fabric by pressing too much. One side of the skirt is not draping properly. It may be true that a lighter fabric would have created a better drape. I might also try different shoes as these are blah.
    Thank you ALL for your suggestions and comments. This was really helpful.

  19. I agree with Katz above! The fabric looks way too heavy for the dress.....almost like it was made from upholstery material.
    Beautiful dress, though the doll does look very rigid.
    Will C.

  20. I think the bodice is amazing - its the skirt that doesn't quite fit - the pleats are too heavy and large , added with the length of the skirt makes it look rather random. I left the bottom half of the picture off the screen and it made a difference not being able to see the length.
    love how you have captured her face - a very pretty doll.
    Nici M

  21. I think there are two problems going on:

    1. a short torso outfit on a long torso doll. Visually, we know the doll's hip isn't where the waist of the dress starts, but it isn't an empire waist dress, either.
    2. fabric is too thick and/or stiff for the sophisticated draping, so it lumps weird at the hip, which, due to #1, isn't really the doll's hip, it's probably her belly button.


    I wonder if you could put it on a Tyler or Gene body and it would hit at least align with the hip better?

    I also think the new TDLM sculpt is too large for Antoinette's lithe body, and when you pile the hair on top, that adds to the oversize look.

    Okay, that's enough nit-picking from me :) The color and jewelry are stunning.

  22. I really think it's the length. It should either be floor length or more of a tea length, not ankle length.