Tonner's New Products Revealed

The Nu Mood collection has been revealed. This new line is a collection of 7 dolls, body parts, wigs, separates, and shoes.
The incredibly well-priced, at only $59., basic dolls come in a one piece bodysuit.  Starting from the top left going clockwise they are Tyler-Fashion, Sydney-Fashion, Carrie-Dance, Betty-Curvy, Paige-Curvy, Jess-Dance and Parker-Dance.
I do not know if these dolls are wigged. It looks like three of them are not. 

It appears that the title after each one's name indicates the type of body upon which the head comes. It looks like the NuMood Fashion body is the original Tyler regular bust body with removable feet (and hands.)
The dance body comes with toe feet and the curvy body comes with a larger bust. There are 2 vinyl colors called Tyler skin tone and Spice skin tone. But which Tyler skin tone is that? I'm guessing it's not the original darker Tyler.

There are three types of hands in both skintones - Set of three pairs for $24.99
There are three types of feet in both skintones - Set of three pairs of feet for $24.99
The clothing and accessories are three pairs of ballerina toe shoes, 9 high heels, 3 pairs of sandals, 1 pair of open toe flats, a gorgeous pair of beaded ankle boots, faux suede boots, 5 handbags, 7 wigs, 3 pairs of pants, and an assortment of beautiful chiffon and taffeta tops and bottoms in various lengths. I love the clothes!

There is something here for everyone looking for a customizable doll! I think the price points are excellent. Bravo Mr. Tonner and Company!

Click here to see the entire collection.


  1. Someone has finally done the smart thing with the feet, I have never been able to understand why no one ever had interchangeable feet like this. I really wish there was a 1/6 size body like this one.

  2. Sounds great to me!
    I hope there will be high enough numbers of these produced to meet the demand.
    I like the direction Tonner appears to be taking.
    I can only hope that IT is also rethinking their marketing strategy. The W Club has a limited appeal and the focus seems to be on their smaller models, Poppy and FR. This made re-upping for this year quite a toss up.
    I hope Tonner sticks with this model.
    As always...love the Blog.
    Will C.

  3. Toes pointing. :)
    Great set of postings Terri!