Robert Tonner's Desk Eaten Alive

Robert Shows off Dazzling Tyler & Wilde Imagination Lizette - Tonner Doll Company

Watch the entire video to see the hairy beast.   Oh yes, you will also see Dazzling Tyler and the new Lizette - Ellowyne's newest companion.


  1. DonnaFairymagic12/20/11, 5:42 PM

    Oh that was funny I was like what is that large furry thing ! Of course it was a Kitty!! They have to help!! The Dolls were beautiful!!!

  2. "Robert, you're not worshipping me. I will chew on your desk until you do..."


  3. @miladyblue: I had a huge cat but that cat is ginormous. He must be getting snacks from everyone who works there and eating lots of pesky mice at night.

  4. I wondered on the Tonner blog if Kitty was perhaps a Maine Coon (a HUGE, sweet breed). I had one who, if he felt that anything were taking attention away from him, would eat whatever was distracting me.

  5. Mine was a Maine Coon, too. He was a big gentle giant except when he'd swat my husband's legs so he'd get to the kitchen faster to feed him. He used to get him at the top of the steps in the morning and give a little swat on the back of his leg. It was a cat form of herding. My toy poodle tries to herd us now.