The Monster High Craze

Mattel's Monster High line is the hottest little doll around. Grown (?) men and women are scrambling to get the latest releases. I see people who have magnificent resin doll collections also collecting these fragile creatures. It's fun to watch a doll line blossom into a mania.
I saw a few things today while searching for a picture of a newly released doll that another collector is desperately seeking. It is called Cupid and reminded me of a miniature Red Queen with a big head and heart shaped lips. She is pretty cute!
These are the Twins, Meowlody and Purrsephone:

I love Cleo's Vanity shown below in an unattributed photo I found on fanpop.com

And it seems that Cleo has a sister, Nefera De Nile:

It's cool that they're making furniture and vehicles. Here is Draculaura's car:

This wave called Sweet 1600 is really cute.

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  1. I have been fighting the urge to buy a couple of these kids......they are too funny and really their design is a lot more sophisticated than cousin Barbie. thanks for the pics.
    Will C.

  2. I think when they first came out the concept made sense, however now they are just adding characters to kind of milk the "trend" so to speaks. The twins are like some type of KISS fans (with wrong make up).

  3. I'm surprised these dolls are so popular, when I first saw them, I figured they wouldn't last a year! I kind of expected to hear claims that they were too scary for kids, but it seems a lot of adult collectors love them.