New 2012 Silkstones Pictures

The photos of new 2012 Silkstones due to be released next spring look beautiful. I like Silkies dressed this way rather than in beachwear or other casual fashion. "Barbie® Fashion Model Collection is returning to its roots and celebrating high-fashion couture with the theme Atelier."
 March, 2012 BFMC Walking Suit Barbie® Doll

 April, 2012 BFMC Party Dress Barbie®

Both dolls are available for pre-order at Angelic Dreamz!  

 Also shown for Fan Club Members only was a club exclusive that reminds me of the Christian Dior Barbie: fitted jacket, flared knee-length skirt, long gloves, big hat. She looks like a real winner. I can't post that photo here but it's coming in February, so if you're not a BFC member, join for 2012. 
Images used by permission.


  1. Really like the first one, but have a feeling it will be overpriced.

  2. They are $75 for the suit and $100 for the dress.

  3. I wish they would just sell the outfits... but maybe $75. is worth it. If I change my mind I suppose I could resell? Barbie faces are so milchadich.

  4. @Sherryl: LOL..that's a good one. Some think she's treyf.

  5. Perfection!!!! Reminds of the Silkies I loved before casual wear. Is the Dior similar to the older Dior Barbie in the 90s? LOVE her!!!