Happy Chanukah, Doll-Face!

The rabbi doll holds his own menorah. He is standing before a human sized menorah.
 On the table behind Vanessa are three miniature menoras. The smallest is 1/12 scale and the largest is scaled for the American Girl doll. The 'gold' coins and dreidel are from American Girl, too. 

 Many people have asked me where I got the rabbi figurine. It was made by Possible Dreams-Clothtique, the same company that makes all Santa figurines.  He was purchased quite a few years ago and is no where to be found, aside from mine. 

Want to know more about Chanukah? Click HERE below for lots of delicious and interesting information.


  1. Happy Chanukah to you as well. You're the first American I've seen to spell Chanukah the way we do over here in Canada-land.

    I have a small menorah that was given to me when I was a kid and I'm going to take some photos with one of my BJDs and that menorah tomorrow. And maybe some of them with our big ones too.

  2. Happy Chanukah to you, Terri! Shalom.

  3. I love your little rabbi! He's wonderful.

  4. "Rabbi, Baby" just doesn't seem appropriate!!! Eartha Kitt notwithstanding. that being said, this is a wonderful tableau!!! Elegant, fun, and traditional all at the same time. Perfect pics as usual.

    Happy Chanukah to you, Terri!

  5. Happy Chanukah, Terri!!

    Wish you and yours a Very Happy New Year!!

    Kisses to Rudy! xxxxx...