JamieSHOW Doll HAVANA Nights 2013

Angelic Dreamz new 2013 line of Jamieshow dolls, Havana Nights, has debuted. Check them out and go shopping! The male dolls are $360 each; the females are $350.
Angelic Dreamz spent the last three years developing this line along with JAMIEshow to bring you the first BJD Fashion doll produced exclusively for the USA market and marketed directly by a USA Dealer.  Working with the factory directly we are able to bring you the most exquisite resin doll at factory direct pricing saving the consumer as much as 50% on these dolls. 
The JAMIESHOW 1/4 fashion BJD's combine the poseable ball structure of a BJD with the elegant figure of 16-inch fashion doll in a perfect way. They are designed with 19 points of articulation for holding a variety of very human poses. Accessories for almost every other 16-inch fashion doll and fashion BJD, such as clothes, shoes and wigs are all suitable for JAMIESHOW BJD and vice versa.
One of the remarkable features of JAMIESHOW is the high-performance resin called Smooth J, which is solely made for BJD's by the JAMIESHOW design team, it has far better properties than any other BJD material used ever before. Most of all, it doesn't have any VOC substance or any hazardous metal elements , no odor emitting at all during the sanding process, It can pass the most stringent regulation such as EN71,AB1108, HR4040, etc. It is a bona fide environment friendly material.

 From left to right they are Ling Lan, Sasha, Grace and Ginny:

 Lee, Tatum and Alejandro:

Havana Nights dolls all dolls have 20 points of articulation, which include upper leg articulation.  Girl dolls are 16" Tall, boys 17" Tall.  Included is the Face-up, painted eyes, body blushing, clothing and shoes as shown, rooted wig cap as shown and solid wig cap for regular wigs,  as well as a JAMIEshow articulated doll stand.  They are made of the same Smooth-J® Resin.
The girls can wear all the JAMIEshow shoes, rooted wigcaps and accessory hands.

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