2012 BFMC Gala Gown Barbie Doll:

 On 3/22 these images were posted of a new Silkstone called Gala Gown Barbie Doll.  Today Sandi Holder's Doll Attic and Angelic Dreamz posted her on their website without definite prices. Update: price at those sites is $149.99.

The gown looks gorgeous but I am gun shy since Afternoon Suit arrived looking so different from the promotional photo. She was pretty much one of the most disappointing Silkstones I've ever purchased.

I do like the look of Gala Gown as I love red-haired dolls and her heart shaped lips are so pretty. But I just know that mine would arrive with freaky-looking hair. Actually, I don't like the hair on the promo either.

Some places have prices listed in the $130.-$145. range. The doll is scheduled to arrive in the fall of 2012.


  1. She's pretty, but I'm just so over Silkstones at the moment. I own ten dolls with this face mold and while each one is different, they're not different enough to warrant getting any more of them.

  2. I am at my price point "resistance" level. Maybe if they came out with other face molds (and no more Grace Kelly or the poorly done Francie) in Silkstone with some articulation, I might warm-up to them once again.

  3. Guess I'm the odd girl out. I have re-arranged hundreds ( several hundred) dolls in the past 2 weeks, and boxed up a massive Gene collection to send to a dear collector friend. Of all the companies still in business, Silkstones look the prettiest displayed. I know that most of you want the articulation for posing, but after trying to prop up a floppy Valentine Agnes AND a droopy Miami Glow Vanessa, I am very thankful for the straight- standing, easy to pose Silkstones.. And had just thought that the doll companies need to use yellow more. So I'm definiltey getting her.

    1. Amanda, I know exactly what you are talking about. I love my Silkstones and they make lovely displays. They wear FR clothes nicely and don't fall over either.
      I'm probably going to give in and get her but I am worried about how her hair will look. I'm not good with re-styling hair that's been sprayed hard and I've never been able to re-style a Silkstone hairdo.

  4. I can't restyle hair well either. What a surprise, right? :)
    I've never really disliked a Silkies hair except for " Happy Go Lucky". I hated everything about her when whe got here, and she is at the back of a shelf even now. Usually, Mattel roots Silkstone hair so fully that a brush out of a style is easy if you want to do it. Oh, and I forgot- whereas the Genes and other IT dolls have yellowed on the bodies, not so for the same age Silkstones. You probably know this but some people might not. I sent back 6 dolls that year the Silkie faces yellowed, but it was an anomoly. Mattel's quality is above average. Tonner's may still be, and I always loved " Doctor Noreen", I just don't collect his dolls any longer. Amanda