CDCC Challenge Three Results

Congratulations to the winners of Challenge Three:
Beginner Dmitry Puzanov

 Intermediate Cholo Ayuyao

Advanced Anita Stoklosa

Three of the four advanced contestants were given 0 points by some of the judges for reproducing obvious designs in their work. In two cases, the reproductions were fairly literal. In the third case, I didn't see it. The "Baby Doll" dress has a very different affect than that created by the contestant. Not only that, it is a coat over a dress.

It's adorable and IMO filled the requirements quite nicely. One of the judges said that he consulted with the other judges regarding that entry. I found that fact surprising as I thought all the judging was done independently.


  1. Trends has been changing very fast. in every season variety of new designer outfits has come, specially for women's.

  2. I lost the link to the contest...
    they gave them ZERO point?..OMG ...Stupidity, they take themselves too serious..as if this was going to make any of the winners a millioner or something...not much comes ou of this contest and yet theya act all high n mighty..
    BTW I don't think CHolo is in the rihgt category he is way better than intermeiate..he should have been placed in advanced

    1. Here is the link: http://www.couturedoll.com/
      Someone told me that the contestants place themselves in a category. IMO that's where the judging should begin and they should be placed in categories according to a sampling of their most recent works.

  3. Hi Terri,
    The contestant sent a portfolio of their recent work to just enter the comp. This year we had the three divisions for the first time so it's a bit rocky setting this up. I'm learning as I go on this separate divisions thing. The contestants were put in those division judged against a set of criteria and their own comfort zones. I now think that there should have been a fourth division - Advanced. When we looked over the portfolios, everyone seemed to be in the right places, but it seems now we needed that fourth division.
    As far as Dolling Boy's comments go, don't judge us until you try to run one of these things. We give the contestants a chance to be seen in the biggest doll mag around which is good exposure. We don't think we are high and mighty, we just are trying to help the contestants to get some tips on improving their skills.
    If it was such a bad contest, why do people keep coming back to it and new people seek me out to ask to join.
    As for the judges consulting each other - they don't. The judges judge individually and the contestants are anonymous to them until after all the scores are posted and the winners declared. The only time a judge will consult with another is in the case that we had for this last challenge.
    This last challenge was very difficult for the judges and I, we made the NO copies rule and we had to stick by our rules, but we needed to be absolutely sure. We don't take this contest lightly in that matter. We spent 2 days researching and talking back and forth. Finally we agreed on two contestants, but we couldn't come to a consensus on the third, so the judges decided to judge individually on that one.
    Hope you enjoy the show.

    1. I'm definitely enjoying it and I appreciate your clarification for our readers!

  4. Look so nice.. I like the second photo

  5. It is amazing to me..how much talent there is out there! The only thing that bothers me is that there are a few contestants that should be in the professional category as they sell their work, and it is obvious that they are not at an intermediate level in their skill set...it seems unfair competition for that reason. All the entrants are putting in so much time and effort, and really deserve to be on an equal platform with their peers..so I don't feel the judges can give an accurate assessment of the talents of all of those involved. My hats off to ALL of the entrants..well done!