New Sybarite - KATANA

This morning Superdoll posted for sale a new Sybarite called Katana. The price is 344.12 British Pounds

The description is as follows:
GEN 3:2
Fugu clone: 0702, pale skintone!
Criminologist Katana!
Charcoal dusted lids and liner in pure black defining the crimescene! Pale grey eyes.
Custom laser latice overlaid knee length strapless frock with inset back bustle of latice. White footless hose, suicidal wrist wraps in white, and white patent Fashion Police monogram belt.
Hair of grey & white blend in center parting with a pair of braided pigtails bound in red ribbon.
Accessories consist: face pac facemask, lime white and black platform sandals and matching forensic size handbag. White enamel dip crucifix earrings.
Includes dollstand and applied eyelashes.

"...suicidal wrist straps" ??? Too funny.

If you want her you might head to the site now as these dolls sell out rather quickly. LINK


  1. I think the doll itslef has alot of petential the SpiderWoman gone Fashionista outfit is not to my taste adn the boots ar epretty but you can find very si ilar boots on ebay for $20
    I was lucky to have found a Nude one reasonable priced already!!

  2. I like her because she is unusual...from comments I have heard so far, she will not be one of the popular ones that sell out it minutes..but I always seem to like the ones that many don't such as Tick, Pompadour, Ivory...she looks like Swedish lovely Greta Garbo...and she is gonna kick some fashion criminal *ss!

    1. I think she may sell out before people think. There are only 34 remaining as of right now.

    2. do you know what addition size she is, it did not say on the site, I ordered her so I am safe! ;) I think lots of people are doing splits doll/fashion too...I am looking forward to her and am excited that I was even able to get her as the last dolls were gone by the time I could try to order!

    3. Someone told me 100 is the usual edition. I may sell my nude doll but I'm going to see her first!

  3. She is quite disappointing to me. Gray braids, like some eccentric grandma, a stark faceup, and an outfit that looks like a knock-off from TJ Maxx, and shoes that resemble leg braces...YIKES!
    This really puts Pompy into perspective. Never liked her, but now she looks like a winner compared to Katana.

  4. I am happy to see the price point come down! This gal is 100.00 GBP less than Apple or Doku from just a few months ago. I haven't gotten a new gal since Talc was on 50% off- hope they have cyberMonday again!