Update on Hobby Link Japan Issue

I sent Mr. Kennard a link to my blog post and another request that he send me the refund for my return shipping. Apparently the blog post caused him to have time to respond with more blame and excuses.
He alternately states:
1. I should have waited (for no specified amount of time) for their refund.
2. I was trying to get two refunds
3. I should have known that they were processing my refund
4. They are a very small company
5. They were too busy
6. They "punish" people who do chargebacks by delaying as long as possible
7. I must be dishonest
8. They don't really have to refund my return expenses but will (eventually) because they promised to do so
9. They don't know how long it will take now

Somehow Mr. Kennard has lost sight of the following:
1. I paid in advance for a product.
2. The product arrived damaged.
3. I followed his instructions for the return of the merchandise.
4. I went without merchandise and without a refund of my payment for merchandise for several weeks.
5. My requests for information went unanswered for several weeks after Mr. Kennard agreed that they had indeed received the return.
6. I thanked Mr. Kennard for the refund the day after I was granted the refund from Visa believing he knew about it. I was sure he must have been informed of the action as I was. That was when he accused me of being "dishonest at best."
7. Mr. Kenard challenged the chargeback and I had to submit more paperwork to Visa. I was in the right so I won.
8. This has been going on for more than 3 months.
9. Mr. Kennard and his small company has never offered an apology in any form regarding the damaged merchandise. In fact, I am being virtually tortured for their error intentional or not.
10. I believe Mr. Kennard intends to drag this on as long as he can hoping I will give up and forget about it.

Yes, there are many people who have had successful transactions with HLJ including myself! But look what happens when something goes wrong.

Why would a business, especially in this economy, want to alienate a customer thus? What is the reward for Mr. Kennard to blame a customer for his own lack of performance?

This is not fun.


  1. One can't help but be left wondering that if they are such a small business that it needs to be pointed out to customers as an excuse, then how on earth can they afford to alienate a single paying customer with this sort of behaviour? The mind, it boggles...

  2. @O.
    The entire experience is mind-boggling. I keep going over it in my mind and reading the emails from Mr. Kennard and none of it makes sense. The only thing I can think of is that he is not happy doing his job.
    Thanks for your comments.

  3. This is terrible. Thank you for posting this. I hope this blog is sufficient to show him the customers he is losing. I'd write him to tell him I won't be shopping with him but I'm afraid he'd take it out on you! Urrrgh! Best of luck Terri!