W Club Exclusive Doll #2

The second 2009 W Club doll has been announced. It is called Agnes Von Weiss "Festive Decadence."
For the first time Agnes will be produced in the pale skin tone that was used only once on Tatyana. This is a mini giftset that comes with two skirts, three tops, shoes, belt, handbag and jewelry. I have extracted several of the parts of the giftset from multiple images to show them together here.

In the following picture you can see the second skirt and the belt. I love the ruffles and the rosettes but I'm not a fan of the umbrella shaped above the knee length skirt.
This is a gorgeous Agnes who is not sporting her usual sour face. The price of this doll is $145. and it is only available to W Club members.

Images in this post are the property of Integrity Toys.


  1. omg... I will have her (eventually) but I WILL!

    I love love Agnes! (and her lil sister Giselle)

  2. I fall for so many of these dolls. I guess I'll bite the bullet and get a job I can't stand to get a decent collection...or be humane and sane about it and patiently wait to be lucky on E-bay.