Update on BIC and Kazue

This was posted on a few doll boards today by Denise Travers.

Tue Apr 26, 2011 10:08 am (PDT)

Wish I had news of any kind.
It is extremely difficult not knowing about Kazue.
As for BIC, most of you know that sadly it will not be coming back.
I am assuming it will go through the bankruptcy channels.
I am sure there will be no more orders filled. BIC employees attempted to fill orders before BIC'S closure & customers had been receiving items as late as this last Sat.
There is no information I can get until the family has anything to tell me. I know they are going through hell with this.
I have not been to Japan since the day of the earthquake. I could not leave my Mom as she had a heart attack early this month. I found out about Kazue's disappearance 10 days after the fact on April 21st.
Emotions have been running high. If I seemed uncaring about the lost deposits etc. I am sorry.
But I will never apologize for believing in the integrity of my best friend.
I also will lose a lot of money but I would happily give up every penny and more for Kazue's safe return.
I want to apologize to the many people who emailed me and I wasn't able to answer.
I'm sorry I cannot answer questions about orders, deposits, Kazue's disappearance, motives & circumstances or Kazue's family or employees.
I just have no information and will share what I do get.
Thank you to all who have shared their respect for Kazue.

The Great Buddha Kamakura

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