New Madame Alexander Alex Dolls

I'd have to see these dolls in person because the photographer was obviously having a bad day. The dolls are awkwardly posed. Paris looks horrid. Black Swan Alex's face is overexposed.
List price for all is a high $179.95. Matilda discounts down to $152.96. But, if you wait, I guarantee you will be able to get most of these dolls for much less.
Black Swan Alex
Green With Envy Alex
Evening Star Paris
City Sass Alex


  1. Paris looks like she has her head on backwards.

  2. @Anonymous: You're right. Perhaps she's having an exorcism.

  3. gina c in al2/2/11, 4:21 PM

    I saw these from a distance at IDEX and was wanting to get a closer look but the booth attendants were too busy talking to each other and having their backs to the people. Granted it was during "public time" but it was very rude. these dolls were on the top shelf of a very high shelving unit and there was a table in front that acted like a barrier. Very unsatisfactory compared to the way the tonner area was arranged and the way the Tonner people were circulating. But thats nothing new. I would have liked to see Black Swan up close and the redhead looked promising from what i could see....

  4. @Gina: That is exactly how Alexander had their dolls displayed last year. I suppose it's their formula. They are a chatty bunch! Tonner lets people get up close and personal and the staff is there for the consumer and dealers. They are excellent!

  5. We lose Gene and friends for these dolls? Green with Envy looks like Madra Lord after a bender. They don't pose well, either, do they?

    Like some of the clothes, but Black Swan looks like a modern rip-off of AD Gene's Creme de Cassis. Can't see this line going much farther than this season. Of course, new face paints, and better doll modeling could help.

  6. Some of the outfits seem very interesting... (maybe the gree one has the wrong color though *lol*). I'm not very fond of their faces though =/