Madame Alexander Neo Cissy and Cissy Dolls - New For 2011

The new Neo Cissy line continues with three additions. They are way less freaky than last year's Neo line and I think they will be more popular.  These dolls are 16 inches tall with fully articulated joints, inset eyes, lashes and non-removable wigged hair. Retail price is $169.95. Each is a Limited Edition of 75 Dolls.
I like all the outfits. My favorite is Rock. These dolls look like real winners.
 Three New Cissy Dolls. Cissy is 21 inches tall, fully articulated, inset sleep eyes, non-removable wigs. Each Cissy is a Limited Edition of 75.
Bird of Paradise $599.95
Flight of Fancy $499.95
Some Like it Hot:  Marilyn Monroe as Sugar Cane Kowalczyk $499.95
There's a ukuele in the case.


  1. Wow... Neo Cissy Rock is fantastic indeed! I also like Poise outfit though =) They have a good price for such low edition dolls, don't they?

    I don't like much those 22'' Cissys... and the price... aaaahhhh!! =)

  2. Oh yes! Thank goodness! I see Cissy is back to being her wonderful self. Must have done a stint in rehab...phfew! She sorely needed it and I am breathing a sigh of relief.

    Thanks for the great pics...