2011 Barbie Fan Club: Will you be joining?

This is not a membership card!
The BFC club renewals go on sale 2/9/2011 at 9AM PST. That's Noon next Wednesday here in New York. There are 7,500 slots open and according to Mattel, last year's club sold out.  For one week 2010 members will have priority to renew. Then on February 16, 2011 membership is open to any registered member of BarbieCollector.com.
To those who wonder, this is what you get:

  • The opportunity to purchase BFMC® Ekaterina™ Barbie® doll (one per member, while supplies last*) and three other Club-exclusive dolls (limited quantities, while supplies last**)
  • Up to $80 in BarbieCollector.com Online Shop rewards – $20 per calendar quarter***
  • A snap-closure photo key ring, embossed with the new Barbie Fan Club logo
  • Designer Chats, sneak peeks and surprises, downloadable goodies, Fun Facts, doll community "celebrity" features, and so much more!
 I'm wondering if we will be able to use our first $20. coupon towards Ekaterina. I have a feeling that the answer is no.

I will be getting this Twilight doll because of her outfit. There's really nothing else in the line-up that appeals to me besides the redhead Ekaterina and the ridiculously expensive Silkstone Darya. And that's OK.

The Twilight Saga Eclipse Jane $24.95. Available now.


  1. You can use the reward on Ekaterina but need to wait 3-4 days until it gets activated. I am a BFC from the very beginning but decided not to renew this year, I don't have any Barbie that is a must have.

  2. I plan to join this year; didn't last year because absolutely nothing appealed to me. I plan to purchase the last two Lars dolls with two of my rewards and use one when they have their annual sale. Hopefully one of the three club exclusive dolls will appeal to me.


  3. Hi Terri, I joined last year for the first time and for such a low price you get alot of bang for your buck. Yes you can use your rewardS on ANYTHING you want (even items that are on sale, no restriction here!) and it does it automatically at checkout, no promo codes neccessary. One of the things that is not mentioned as well is all the discounts during the year too. Often when they have sales, BFC menbers get an additional 20-25% on top of the general sales to the public. So if there is a sale for 20% often the club members will get an additional percentage for a total of 35-50% off, even on already reduced items! I've bought dolls that were regular price of $75 for just over $20! These sales happen a few times a year and you always get advance notice. Shipping is a bonus too, especially in Canada as it is a flat rate based on total price and not quantity or weight..I've had 12 dolls shipped to me for $24.99, and the actual cost was $68! This is for everyone, not just club members. So will I be joining the club again this year? Yes I will! Corijo

  4. @Corijo: Thank you very much for adding that information.

  5. I'm joining again. I really wanted the Glimmer of Gold (Platinum Label Doll) with the Louboutin face last year but I mixed up the time zones and lost out. Not interested in the Pinch of Platinum (I think that's the name of this year's Platinum Label doll) but I do like the sketch for the Halloween Hostess. I really loved last year's Thanksgiving Hostess. Most dolls can be purchased by anyone but there are a few BFMC dolls that I usually like and buy. Last year I also got Mad Men Roger Sterling. The membership is relatively inexpensive and I have always used the coupons.

  6. This will be my first time in the club. Are there any restrictions as to how you can spend your $20?