New 2011 Madame Alexander Cissette 10 inch Dolls

Not that I'm going to buy any of these...hehe...but I love looking at the adorable Cissettes that MA produces every year.
I'm showing only a selected few of the new ones here. In parentheses, I have placed the number of new 10 inch dolls in each category. There are many, many other MA dolls in other sizes that are new for this years as well. Retail prices range from $118—$160. Look for discounts off list price. You can see all of these at Matilda Dolls. 

Gone With the Wind Dolls - 2011 New Introductions (2)

Margaret Mitchell

Scarlett O' Hara Dressing Gown

The Arts - 2011 New Introductions. (10)


C.J. Walker

Anne Of Cleves

Storyland Dolls - 2011 New Introductions (2)
Queen of Hearts

Alice in Wonderland
Wizard of Oz Dolls - 2011 New Introductions (3)

Haunted Forest Wicked Witch Of the West

Dorothy In The Poppy Fields

Rockette Dolls - 2011 New Introductions (2)

Pink Tuxedo Rockette (Also in AA Version)

 International Dolls - 2011 New Introductions (2)





  1. My goodness! I'm amazed they chose the golden centuries theme instead of AndalucĂ­a & bullfighting for the "Spain doll". That's 'avantguard' and originality; thanks for this!
    Christie H.

  2. Spain is my number one doll out of everything shown so far. I might even but her immediately and forgo waiting for a sale.

    I'm disappointed with the Alice doll. I think there are more than enough Japanese-esque, big clunky booted lolita type dolls on the market and it- like that JW overly edgy stuff in 2010 is not MA's forte.

    I love wild creativity and have a soft spot for edgy and bizarre but I think there is nothing wrong with keeping things classic.

    Beautiful too

  3. @toyblahg: I'm all for wild and creative but I buy and keep mostly classic because the wild stuff gets old fast.


  4. Thanks for giving me more temptation that I need!, ha! I still have yet to get a 10" doll, and I going to get at least one this year! There's a couple of these I like so far, well, probably 85% of them!